I’m starting a new blog. Why, you may ask, am I starting a new blog when I have two other abandoned blogs? Well the first was a livejournal and frankly, that site’s a bit too “young adult” for me, so I can’t go back there. The second was a blogspot that was started around the time I moved up to Indiana for grad school, but I didn’t really like the layout options provided to me.

Also, as with the rest of my life, this is a half-assed commitment and I do whatever the fuck I want.

So I make no promises about regularly posted content. I’ll try my best though.

In order to catch everyone up, let’s do a fast-pitch synopsis of my life since the last abandoned blog: I’ve been in Indiana for four god damned years now, and those years have been as a whole, pretty damn good. I defended my Master’s thesis in August of 2011 and, less than 4 days ago, found out I passed my prelim exams. Basically, I’ve got a little less than 3 years left until I (hopefully) become employed somewhere cool. I still have a guitar and just recently acquired some groove production software along with a controller, so that’s been pretty cool. I’ve also got a PS4 reservation at Gamestop–whassup ladies?!

Oh yeah…no real progress on the ladies front, but that’s alright. It’s not like I live a smooth bachelor lifestyle or anything; it’s more of a “dude who spends all day on the internet collecting hilarious .gifs” kinda living and I dig it.

Ok, where was I going with this…oh yeah! I’m still surrounded by really smart people and get to talk about books and smart things all day, so life is pretty good right now. I mean, sure, self doubt creeps in occasionally as it would with anyone (don’t ask about the days leading up to our prelim results), but I think it’s still going pretty well.

So basically I’ll be spending my last few years here in Indiana writing. I figure a different type of writing could only help as I swim through the lakes of academia. In the meantime, I’d highly suggest you visit my friend Smashley’s blog (http://awittylife.com/). The woman knows her way around some barbie dolls, lemme tell you (also she’s pretty fucking brilliant and has a gorgeous boyfriend who I not so secretly have a mancrush on).

I hope to post more here. I really do. I need to write more. This is me trying to do that.

Thanks for reading.