On Diablo III for Consoles


Me entering Gamestop.

Gamestop employee: “Hi. What can I help you with?”

Me: “I just bought this the other day and want to trade it in for Saints Row IV.”

GE: “That’s no problem. Not happy with the game?”

Me: “That’s not a game, that’s herpes in disc form. Like, it’s seriously affected my life. When I meet people in the future and they seem cool, I’m gonna have to have a serious talk with them. As in a whole, ‘look, it’s important to know that if we’re gonna be friends you have to be aware of the fact that I bought and played Diablo III for consoles. It was a long time ago and I didn’t know any better.'”

GE (smirking): “Because Saints Row is much better.”

Me: “Touché”