The call is coming from inside of the house

Black and Brown anger is real. It’s relentless. It’s exhausting. All of those times we say, “this is happening” only to be met with indifference at best, hostility at worst. Over and over, we kept talking about how president McNuggets was inciting violence. About how he was attempting to overthrow a valid election just because he didn’t agree with it.

One of these things is not like the other

And today was the logical culmination of all of his horseshit. His scapegoating. But worst of all is the political handwringing of members of his party who for FOUR MOTHERFUCKING YEARS enabled his fearmongering racism. Every person of color told you that this asshole was going to cost lives and now you’re seeing what that looks like on the world’s stage.

I was lying: the actual worst part of all of this is that people are shocked that this sort of thing could happen. In America, of all places.

Ap photo/ John Minchillo

This is who America was, is and always will be. At its core, this nation is packed with selfish, racist, hyperindividualists who will fight tooth and nail against progress. Who will tell you that a social safety net is evil and is tantamount to communism. They will say all of this while defunding education at all levels, incarcerating the largest amount of its population than anywhere else in the world, as well as incinerating what little middle class there was. Racism is embedded in America at ALL levels. And we saw that today.

I already told you about this. I know a lot of you will still refuse to listen until the boot is on your face. But I know that, if you’re white, the likelihood of that actually happening is fucking infinitesimally small. So now I’m just pissed. At people like that piece of shit Ted Cruz who is “disputing” the election results. At The incompetent Greg Abbott (I’m a Texan so my hatred for Texas politicians runs deep) for keeping the capitalist party going and letting COVID have a fucking field day (amongst many other things). And professional Jabba the Hutt cosplayer Mitch McConnel, for his odious, smarmy, sniveling maneuvers that are keeping this country surpressed.

I have no sympathy for any of these fucking assholes. They deserve no fucking quarter. The time for “reaching across the aisle” has long since passed. We passed that shit 173 exits ago. They should be spit on every fucking where they go. I believe anger can be constructive and my rage is fucking boiling right now. They deserve the absolute worst this country gives them, if for no other reason, so that they finally feel the pain that Black, Brown, LGBTQ+ and disabled people have felt since this fucking country was founded. Bring their asses up on charges. Treat them the way this country has treated Othered bodies. They deserve nothing less.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to sit up and face an ugly truth. We don’t like to look at reflections that make us uncomfortable. I had to face a hideous truth within my own family: that Latinxs are often complicit in the disenfranchisement of Black people. It fucking hurt, for reasons I’ve spoken about before. But this is an ugly truth: America was and is racist. This is who we’ve always been.

P.S. Fuck Ronald Reagan.