El clima


My whole life I’ve been a weatherman

All my days spent creating models that predict the future

Warning people about potential disaster

Every moment spent planning and predicting


Stock up on water in case of emergency

It’s the most vital thing you need

Batteries, flashlights, radios

Canned food always helps

You never know how long you’ll be without


I tell people what to expect

How to prepare

Give them a timeframe

Tips on withstanding the storm

Always planning

Always advising

Always worrying


But sometimes I wonder what it’s like

To be the ground that cracks beneath your feet

To be the wind that rushes through your windows

To be the water that breaks the levees

To be the rain that falls upon your face

I’m tired of predicting

I want to let fate carry me where it will

I want the immediacy

The calm before

The flurry of movement

The knowledge that I cannot plan everything

The freedom to just be


I want to be the storm now

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